Appearance Part For Innovative Product

Success Story: Modular Lithium-Ion Battery Pack TYVA ENERGIE
Challenge: Developing An Appearance Plastic Part For An Innovative Product

batterie Tyva

A local start up, TYVA ENERGIE, presents to MPI its project to develop an innovative modular battery (lithium-ion technology). MPI co-develops the tender specifications (shapes, dimensions, materials, colours, standards …) and designs, in collaboration with its Client, the plastic parts that will contain the batteries and give shape to the product. MPI provides a global service and accompanies the product’s success: equipment developing, part injection, provision of additional services to ensure the delivery of orders (mounting, assembling, testing).

The innovative modular battery pack TYVA ENERGIE is presented in several events with the theme: innovation, energy, movement. It gets the EnR Award at the 2015 Renewable Energy exhibition in Lyon and has been increasingly successful since then.