Electronic Sub-Assembly

Success Story: Dental Camera SOPRO
Challenge: Developing A Plastic Base / Fastening Set, Resistant To Frequent Handling

The company SOPRO from the group ACTÉON specialized in dental imaging, seeks help from MPI to resolve a fault detected on one of its dental cameras. The design of 3 plastic parts making up the body and the base of the camera is not suitable for frequent handling. When the practitioner uses the camera and put it back on its support, the docking of plastic parts will not hold. The parts get detached, exposing the inside of the product and making it unusable (it becomes impossible to place the camera back in its cradle).

MPI offers a new design and an innovative solution by clip fastening, approved by SOPRO. MPI provides a complete service including the realization of equipment, the production and the decoration of the parts.

Plastic Part & Electronic Component

MPI has a proven expertise in the industrialization and automation of assembly processes of electronic components and plastic parts. The productive performance (speed, reliability, controls) is based on ad hoc equipment and efficient organization.


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