Industrial Positioning

MPI serves as a subcontractor designer and manufacturer of plastic, technical, or appearance parts and sub-assemblies, from small to large series; it supports its business culture on its industrial experience, its technical momentum and its demand for quality and service.
Founded in 1959 on the site of a former weaving factory, MPI has continued to guide the development of its know-how based on changing industrial needs and improving productivity.

Development Strategy

Messrs Hervé PIRON and Joel VARAINE took over the MPI company in 2006. They embody and impel a new stage of industrial development based on strengthening skills, homogenisation and modernization of the machine stock, as well as productive and organizational optimization. Always looking for new challenges, MPI supports Clients’ developments, strengthening its presence in high-tech markets and creates increasing value-added projects.

Collaborative Appetence

The variety of parts made (aesthetic parts, technical parts, sub-assemblies …) and the application sectors covered (household appliances, electricity, lighting, electronics, construction, automotive …) testify to a rich experience and a strategy animated by the will of facing technical challenges and take part in the success of innovative projects. Whether collaborating internationally with a large industrial group or taking part in the success of an innovation brought by a local start-up, MPI approaches each project with a technical consultancy productive posture. Each recommendation (design, material, mould, processing, finishing …) is in a close relationship, benefiting from the gained experience and results of a comprehensive study of the project specificities.

Global Performance

The assessment of the fair technical and productive response is ensured by continuous research of unrealized gain for the Client and by setting an enlightened perspective on the needs and capabilities (existing or to be acquired).